My purpose is to help you plan and have a great reception or event. Remember you only get one chance to get it right and in entertainment I have 25 yrs of continuous experience in the DJ business to help make your anouncements, ceremonial dances and play the music to get the guests dancing. I include a questionaire we use to guide you though the evening. Below is a list on local venues for your event and some ideas I hope will help.


Kirksville Moose Lodge  665 - 8300 or Sue 627 - 0308

Kirksville Day Inn 665 - 8244

Shrine Club 665 - 3312

Kirksville Country Club 626 - 5370 Alan Daniels 

NEMO Fair Grounds Gym lighting, concrete floor, large

Things to consider when choosing a venue

Whats the decor like? Does it fit your wedding style, will you have to spend alot on decorations to make it beautiful.

Do they have in-house cater or will they allow you to bring in your own food? Do they have a bar available?

What are the limitation on decorating? What is the cancellation (deposit) policy?

A typical reception will last 4 to 5 hours depending on the dinner or food being served to guest. Generally allow 1 hour for dinner or cocktail hour followed by approximately 1 hour for your ceremonial dances and dollar dance. The remaining 2 to 3 hours for having fun for all on the dance floor.
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